Beware Of Temptation and Keep Up The Good Work!

Beware Of Temptation and Keep Up The Good Work!

Do pre-qualifications and loan offers excite you? Do they make you feel validated? Do they give you a sense of worthiness? Be careful! If you don’t need a credit card or loan, then don’t apply for it. You are already worthy! Usually, you are getting the pre-approvals or pre-qualifications because you have put in the work to pay your bills on time and to pay down your debts. You should feel good about that. It’s not easy for most people to do that! Great job! Keep up the good work!

Banks and other financial institutions are trying to “reward” you by encouraging you to get more credit. This may not have happened in the past and feels good. Now, they are coming after you! In more than one way! It’s their job to try to attract you and then get you to buy. They know that if you have more available credit, then it is easier to tempt you to buy things on credit. Whether you need it or not! You don’t need another credit card or loan or more stuff to prove your worth. You need to do what is best for you. Not what is best for them.
Keep working on strengthening and improving your financial situation. Pay your bills on time. Spend less than you earn. Pay off your debt. Save for emergencies, future purchases, and other goals. Then you won’t need to buy some things on credit. You can keep your debt low or stay debt free! Also, protect your assets and prepare for a comfortable retirement. Your rewards will be a higher credit score and the ability to get credit when you need it. Try to remember what things were like before you started to do the right things financially. If you don’t want to go back there, then you must continue to make good choices. You can do it! All the best.
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