Financial Expert/Financial Educator – Joseph Dillard

Joseph Dillard offers a variety of seminars and workshops to educate, inform, and inspire your team, organization, church, or community. The goal is to help make lasting, meaningful, positive change across any team or organization.

Joseph Dillard is the go-to expert on financial education and money management. He has three decades of financial services experience, ranging from credit analysis, small business lending, banking branch management, investments, tax preparation and life insurance. His down to earth approach to financial education helps almost anyone to understand the complexities of financial services. Joseph will deliver extraordinary value at your next meeting or event.


Topic: Someday/Budgeting
Topic: Change/Purpose of Money
Topic: Life Insurance/Wills
Topic: Declaration of Financial Empowerment


“Joseph is on point with his financial expertise. He explains so everyone can understand the content of his message. He was an excellent addition to our Historic Worldwide Wellness Webinar. Financial Literacy is indeed a part of overall Wellness. Thanks Mr. Dillard for adding value to our lives.” – S.R.

“Useful information and thank you for being a help in the community.” – P.H.

“My brother in Christ, Joe Dillard is a dedicated and focused entrepreneur who’s instruction and services are proven successful practices in the financial arena. It always helps to know that a man of God is caring for your interest. Continued success!” – T.M.

“Solid information, from a proven source.”    -L.S.

For speaking engagements, seminars, workshops, or to get in touch with Joseph directly…

Phone: 612.251.6596

Email: [email protected]