Financial Coaching Solutions

Financial Coaching Solutions

Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching Consultation

This solution consists of a 30 – 45 minute video or phone call where I will review your current financial situation and walk you through steps to get your finances back on track.

I will help you to interpret your pressing financial issues and identify options. I will summarize our conversation with a recommendation and a plan for for you to take action on.

There is no charge for this consultation. If you decide to develop a coaching/client relationship with me, then we will meet bi-weekly or weekly. I look forward to meeting with you.


Business partnership or teamwork concept with a business people presenting a matching puzzle piece as they cooperate on finding an answer and solution, close up of their hands.

6 Month Plan

This solution is a client favorite. I will work with you to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals, create a tailor made budget for you based on your financial goals, and help you to implement your plan. Then we will have bi-weekly or weekly calls for four months to hold you accountable ( calls last approximately 30 – 45 minutes).

Why do individuals select this package? We spend approximately two months understanding your current financial situation and your money values. Then we we will start the budgeting process. On average it takes 90 days to get into the budgeting process. Our check-in meetings will ensure your continued progress on your financial freedom journey.

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Continued Coaching

This solution has been created for clients who purchased the “Budget Creation and 6 Month Plan” and wish to continue on a monthly basis.

The fee is paid at the beginning of each month and will consist of either: one 30 -60 minute video or phone call, two bi-weekly video or phone calls (30 minutes each), or four weekly video or phone calls (30 minutes each). This choice is at the discretion of the client, based on their needs.

Contact Me Today For A Complimentary

30 – 45 Minute Consultation

*Please Note That Nothing In Our Session Or Any Subsequent Check-In Constitutes Legal or Financial Advice. I Am Not A Financial Advisor Or Certified Financial Planner (“CFP”),  Nor Am I Legally Allowed To Tell You In What, How, Or When To Invest.