Tag: Money Mindset

Two Ways To Save A Lot On Sales

There are some people who love a good sale. They have plans about what to do, how to handle the sale, how many items to buy, who to tell, etc. Sometimes when they make purchases from a sale, they actually use the item or product they purchase. Often, it does not matter whether or not […]

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It’s Not Too Late To Take Advantage Of The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many of us to change the way we lived. Masks, sanitizers, social distancing, etc. Life has changed and we are adjusting to a new normal. Part of the change includes many people struggling financially because they have lost their jobs, business has decreased, or they needed to leave their employment […]

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Money Messages – How Are They Affecting You?

The messages we heard and/or saw when we were children had the ability to shape us, make us, and/or break us. Some of the messages were positive, while others were negative. Here are examples of some money messages: I’ll never have enough money. When I’m feeling down or bored, I go shopping. If I have […]

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