What’s Your Payday Plan?

What’s Your Payday Plan?

Friday is payday for a lot of people. That means different things for everyone, including an instant deduction and reduction because of NSF Fees. For some it means getting caught up on late bills. For others it means splurging because they have been living on next to nothing for the past few days. While for others it means sticking to their plans to reach their financial goals.

Many people are living without a plan and as a result, they are living paycheck to paycheck and/or struggling financially. A plan usually includes a budget to help you determine and understand where your money is going. There are many thoughts about how you should allocate your money to reach your goals. One is 50/30/20. 50% for Needs. 30% for Wants. And 20% for Your Financial Future (including savings and debt reduction).

If your payday does not include a plan that you are happy with or one that leaves you ahead of the game, then it might be time to change. Of course, you can always wait until next month. Just do not let next month turn into next year (unless you are reading this in December). If today is payday for you, I hope you have a plan. If not, then remember that there is always help. You might want to start right here. What’s Your Payday Plan? All the best!

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