Your Why Has To Be Greater Than Your How

Your Why Has To Be Greater Than Your How


It’s very important to know how to do something. How to create a budget. How to start saving. How to open a retirement account. How to reduce and/or eliminate debt. How to purchase life insurance. These are all good things to know how to do.

However, if you do not have a solid “Why” – the reason why you want to do it, then it will just be good information. But good information does not get things done. Action gets things done. And it starts with a good, solid “Why”. How many times have you thought about or planned to do something that you knew was the right thing for you to do? But time passed and you never got started. Or you started only to give up shortly thereafter. A good, solid “Why” will get you started and keep you going until you achieve your goal(s).

What’s your “Why”? It might be to stop living paycheck to paycheck. It might be to feel more comfortable about retirement. It might be to show your children a better example regarding money management. It might be that you want to purchase your first home. It might be that you are tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired of your life as it relates to money. Find your “Why”, implement your plan, and change your life. You might need some support to keep you motivated. That’s OK. Click here to read about accountability partners. You can do it! All the best!

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