Two Are Better Than One

Two Are Better Than One

Was your New Year’s resolution to save more money or to reduce your debt? Are you making your regular savings deposits? Are you making your debt payments on time and not adding more debt to your current balances? If so, keep up the good work! You are definitely the exception. According to statistics approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February.

It takes time to develop a new habit. While you are developing new habits, the old habits keep creeping back into your mind. If you do not have a plan to deal with the old habits, before you know it you will be spending money that you planned to save or using credit to spend money that you do not have. A good way to overcome this and to increase your chances of success is to have an accountability partner. He or she can be available during those trying times to encourage you to stick to your plan and to remind you why you chose your resolution in the first place.

Here are some of the available options you can choose for an accountability partner:

  • Someone who has the same goal as you. Since you are both striving for the same goal, they can relate to your situation. Both of you can support each other through the good times and the challenging times.
  • A trusted friend or confidante with whom you can share your goal. They do not have to have the same goal as you, but they are good at coaching you and helping you to keep your commitment. He or she can check on you regularly and you can call him or her when you feel the need for a little extra support.
  • A financial coach. This is an individual you would pay to help you to set up your plan once you have identified your goal. They would also help you to identify obstacles that could hinder you from achieving your goal. Then they check on you on a regular basis and are available for accountability every step of the way. Finally, they are there to celebrate with you along the way and when you achieve your goal.

Choose the option that is best for you to achieve your goal. I urge you to choose one of these options or one similar to it because no one succeeds alone. Two are better than one. Behind every successful person there is another person or a team. Remember, it takes teamwork to make the dream work! All the best.

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