Invest in Yourself Instead of Stuff

Invest in Yourself Instead of Stuff

In the Money Color Survey, found here, if your Money Color is Blue, money is valued for pampering or treating oneself. You are less likely to have a reason for spending, less likely to have a spending plan, and less likely to have savings you can stick to.

They are also more likely to shop when they are stressed or depressed. This is also known as “retail therapy”. Therapy can be costly but retail therapy can be expensive. Men and women can both have Blue as their Money Color but since women are more likely to be single parents, it can be more expensive for them.

Instead of shopping and investing in shoes, bags, and clothes you should invest in yourself, particularly, your retirement. I know that it is almost impossible to go from not managing your money and having money challenges to saving and investing. I suggest you start here and read this post. Then read my eBook to learn keys steps to Money Management. This book will give you valuable information to help you to invest in yourself and to prepare for a brighter future.

Investing in yourself does not mean that you can never shop again. It just means that you are changing the way you think about shopping. After all, what would you rather have at retirement? Lots of shoes, bags, and clothes or lots of money? Blue is a pretty color, but I think you might prefer more green. All the best!

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