What’s Your Plan?

What’s Your Plan?

Many people think more money is the solution to their financial problems. Some of them do need to increase their income in order to make up for the deficit between their income and expenses. Unfortunately, when many people get more money, they go through it quickly and do not use it for the purpose intended.

One of the main reasons why money runs through your fingers like water is because you do not have a plan. There is an old adage that says most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. This is still very true, especially as it relates to your money. Good intentions are not enough to achieve your financial goals. You need to have a plan.

You need three things to have a successful plan:

1. Goal(s) – What exactly do you want to do? How much money do you need to do it? When do you want to do it?
2. Budget – How much money do you have? How are you going to spend it? What are the priorities? What are the nice to haves?

3. Support – Who is going to help you accomplish your goal(s) and make sure that you follow through? Who can you trust to walk with you through this process? You do not have to do this all by yourself.

The next time you get paid, get an expected or unexpected gift, or get an income tax refund I suggest that you use these tools. They will help you to improve your money management skills. They will help you to increase the likelihood of success. As you prepare for positive changes and success related to your financial situation I have one question: What’s Your Plan? All the best!
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