It’s Never Too Late To Change

It’s Never Too Late To Change

Usually when I do financial education seminars or classes most of the attendees are over 40 years old unless the seminar is specifically for students and/or a young audience. I have nothing against the older attendees because the information I present is relevant for all age groups. However, I wish more young people would attend the seminars so they would learn valuable information that could help them now. Then when they are older, they would not being using a phrase I have heard over and over again: “If only I knew this information 20 or 30 years ago. I would not have made so many mistakes with money.” Nevertheless, I always teach who is in front of me and willing to learn. With that being said, I would like to share a very satisfying experience I had with one of the more mature attendees in one of my classes.

After spending four sessions teaching about budgeting, debt reduction, credit, and savings a woman around 68 years old came up to me and told me something that made every minute of those four sessions worthwhile! She said, “I thought I would always be in debt. Now, I know that I can get out of debt.” Wow! I was so happy for her. I was so glad to hear that she felt hopeful about her future – that it was not too late for her to make a change. Every few months after that she would give me an update about another debt she paid off and/or the increase in her credit score. The excitement and pride in her voice and the smile on her face were contagious. Her updates encouraged me to continue what I was doing even when it seemed like there was little or no interest.

Approximately two years after her revelation, she came to me to tell me about the accomplishment of another goal. She told me that she was going to purchase a home and that the closing was in one month! I was so proud of her! During every update she would thank me for the information I gave her to help her to make a great change in her life. I thanked her for taking the information she learned and applying it to her life. Information and knowledge is only useful if you use it and apply it to your life. One month later, she closed on her house and became a homeowner at age 70! My friend is a great example of what happens when you are patient, consistent, and committed to the process. Anything can happen! Remember, you are never too young or too old to change. Start today! All the best!

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