Your Money and Your Life

Your Money and Your Life

We know there are money personalities. In fact everyone has one. Just like everyone has a personality. Some personalities are appealing, while others are unappealing. While your money personality shows how you value money and ultimately how you end up managing your money, your personality type shows how you look at the world and act based on the way you look at the world. Are the two related to each other? Yes, I believe they are.

Let’s look at a few money personalities: carefree, balanced, and safe and secure. Carefree usually does not see the value in planning ahead, most likely does not use a budget, and expects others to come to their rescue when faced with a financial problem. Balanced usually has financial goals, plans spending and shops for the best deals, and does not check and update financial goals. Safe and secure is prepared for emergencies, does not shop just for the fun of it, and values money because of its security.

Carefree most likely cannot be depended on and does not take responsibility for their actions.  They tend to have a lot of fun but live only for now and have no plans for the future. Balanced has a good job and make you feel good about where you are. They tend to look at the big picture but do not know much about the details. They can tell you what but not how. Safe and secure has it all together but has little sympathy for those who don’t. Life is serious and there is little time for fun. They wonder why more people are not like them. Do you see any connection between your money and your life? It should be a little more clear how they can be related.

One personality is not preferred over the other but there are qualities that are more desirable. You can always change your less desirable qualities related to you and money. If something about your life is out of order but you are not sure what it is, then you might want to start by looking in your wallet or your purse. You might be surprised by what you find. All the best!

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