You Can Have It All

You Can Have It All

Glitz and glamour attract us and the promise of status and prestige reel us in. Advertisers and marketers know just what to say and know exactly how to present products and services to get us to give them our money, even if we have to borrow it. Their goal is to make us say, “I want it” or “I need it!” However, a lot of things we say we “need” are actually things that we really “want”. Since we have been convinced that we need something, it makes it easier for us to justify why we “need” to buy it.

Many people end up overspending because of their wants. It is okay to buy some of our wants but not at the expense of our needs. You have to be very careful. We need to be honest with ourselves and ask, “Is it a need or a want?” We may need a car for transportation, but we do not have to buy an expensive luxury model that you cannot afford. We need food and clothes, but we do not need to buy brand name items at high prices because of the desire to portray the status and prestige associated with them.

Budgeting and money management do not mean that you have to be dull and boring. They mean that you plan and make wise decisions about how you spend your money. Here are two tips to get your wants and your needs:

  1. Do not use credit cards for purchases you cannot pay in full at the end of the month.
  2. Save for wants as a part of your budget and management plan, then pay cash when you have saved enough to buy them.

If you use these tips, you will see that you can have it all. You can have your needs as well as your wants. All the best!

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