Cheating With Money – Part 2

Cheating With Money – Part 2

Although money is a major part of every relationship, it is still common for both spouses to have different views. These different views can lead to financial infidelity. However, there is still hope for couples to prevent it or to resolve the issues around it. First, you have to know what to look for, what the problem is and where to go for help.

It’s so important to talk about money. You should talk about your financial situation, your spending habits, and your attitude about money. It’s very important to be open and honest about these things. It’s best to start at the beginning of a relationship or when things start to get serious. If you are already serious and/or married, then have the conversation as soon as possible. You may uncover the need for financial literacy and/or financial coaching. This will establish the foundation around money in your relationship.

If you are the spouse who has been hiding debt and/or accounts, then you should make the decision to tell your spouse about it. No, it will not be easy but it could end up saving your relationship. The good thing is that you do not have to do it alone. You may want to get the assistance of a financial counselor. A financial counselor can help you to make a plan to pay off the debt and to learn how to manage your money better.  Remember, you do not have to do it alone.

If you are the spouse who has been betrayed and want to see your relationship restored, then marriage counseling may be needed. The behavior that lead to financial infidelity may be related to a deeper problem in your relationship and may require the assistance of a marriage counselor. Learning new relationship tools can help you.

Openness and honesty about money are keys to a successful financial relationship. Also, it is important to work together. You can have individual goals but it is more important to have shared financial goals. Teamwork can truly make they dream work for your marriage and your finances. All the best!

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