All Money Isn’t Good Money

All Money Isn’t Good Money

Everyone has made or will make a mistake and/or has done something that they regret when it comes to money. You have gotten yourself into a bind as a result of bad decisions and/or mismanagement. The situations may be different but the mistakes all had one thing in common. They all began with a decision.

There are opportunities to get money and/or make money. Some of the opportunities sound good, while others sound too good to be true but you are not so sure if they are the right thing to do. But you need the money. “It won’t hurt this one time”, you tell yourself. “Everyone does it, and you should too”, you’re told. Your gut says “No” but your wallet says, “Go for it!” You have a choice to make.

Either you are going to say yes or you are going to say no. You are going to do what is right or you are going to do what is wrong according to your values. Is it worth it? Every decision has consequences. Are you willing to pay the consequences? Make the decision that does not cause you to feel guilty and/or have you looking over your shoulder. Just because it seems like a good idea doesn’t mean it is a good idea. All money isn’t good money. The choice is yours. Choose wisely. All the best.

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