Money Color – Yellow

Money Color – Yellow

Knowing your “Money Color” will help you better understand how you value money. Most people will be able to identify with some aspect of all of the Money Colors. If that is the case, then you may have competing money values. However, the one you identify with the most is considered your dominant Money Color.

Your money is a resource to assist you in reaching your goals and getting the things you need and want. If your values of how you use money prevents you from reaching your financial goals, consider changing your money habits. You can change your habits once you become aware of them. The colors are random but the values are well defined. The Money Colors are Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, and Pink. Yellow is the subject of this post.

Yellow – Money is not very important to you and you seldom worry about it at all.

You are more likely to:

  • expect others to come to your rescue when faced with a financial problem
  • think problems will work themselves out
  • not see the value in planning ahead

You are less likely to:

  • use a spending plan/budget
  • save for emergencies
  • have options if financial situations occur in the family

“Live for Today” is the mantra for people with Yellow as their Money Color. They are carefree when it comes to money and most likely have high debt and little or no savings. They have a  good time with money (theirs, as well as others’), but they do not have it for long. If your Money Color is Yellow, what changes do you need to make? All the best!

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