Money Color – Red

Money Color – Red

Knowing your “Money Color” will help you better understand how you value money. Most people will be able to identify with some aspect of all of the Money Colors. If that is the case, then you may have competing money values. However, the one you identify with the most is considered your dominant Money Color.

Your money is a resource to assist you in reaching your goals and getting the things you need and want. If your values of how you use money prevents you from reaching your financial goals, consider changing your money habits. You can change your habits once you become aware of them. The colors are random but the values are well defined. The Money Colors are Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, and Pink. Red is the subject of this post.

Red – Money itself is not important. It is how one uses money to enhance their life or to improve the quality of their life that makes it important. Reds are pretty balanced when it comes to managing money.

You are more likely to:

  • have financial goals
  • have good insurance
  • save and invest
  • plan spending
  • compare prices and shop for the best deals

You are less likely to:

  • check and update financial plans and goals as needed
  • know how much has accumulated in investments and savings
  • know values of life insurances, etc.

Reds understand the importance of having things in place, but often fail to check on things once they are in place.

“I have the important stuff, but I don’t know the details” is a good mantra for people with Red as their Money Color. They know what is important and take action to put a plan into place. They have goals, but they do not know if they are on target to reach their goals. They are prepared, but they might end up with a rude or not so rude awakening if something does not change. If your Money Color is Red, what changes do you need to make? All the best!

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