Give The Gift of Giving

Give The Gift of Giving

Christmas is known as the season of giving. However, many people do more spending in order to give. And often they end up with things they do not even need. Giving does not actually equal spending. This is an important lesson that we can teach our children so they can understand the true meaning of giving. We can teach our children to give in a way that helps to change the lives of other children.

*Project Safety Nets is a non profit organization that helps children and families in Senegal, West Africa. $25 can go a long way to help children there. Let’s look at three ways a gift of $25 can change lives in Senegal:

  1. Buy uniforms for children to attend school.
  2. Buy mosquito bed nets to prevent malaria.
  3. Buy antiparasitic medicine for children.

Education is important for children all around the world. However, many children cannot afford to go to school and/or to purchase the necessary school supplies. A gift of $25 would purchase 8 school uniforms for grade school children in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Then they could attend school and become educated and build a better life for themselves and their families.

Malaria is a disease carried by mosquitoes that infects and can kill people who are bitten by the mosquitoes. Thousands of children in Senegal die every year because of malaria. A gift of $25 would purchase 8 mosquito bed nets treated with anti malaria medicine. Children and their families sleep under these bed nets to keep from being bitten by mosquitoes while they sleep. This helps to save their lives.

Parasites are organisms that can cause diseases in children and adults. The diseases can make children very sick so they cannot attend school. It has already been stated how important education is for children around the world. A gift of $25 would purchase antiparasitic medicine for 12 children in Dakar. This would help them to remain healthy and strong, so they could attend school without interruption.

Sometimes we learn that Christmas is about what we can receive. In fact, sometimes we give so that we can also receive. It is a good lesson to teach our children that it truly is, “…better to give than to receive”? It can  change their perspective on life and also on the way that they manage their money. If you would like to give the gift of giving and donate to Project Safety Nets in your child’s name, visit their website at Then explain how their gift helps other children. This would truly be the gift that keeps on giving. All the best!

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*Ann Dillard is the founder of Project Safety Nets

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