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Can You Afford The Bonus? Read The Fine Print!

There are so many offers out about opening accounts and borrowing money. Some of us are content with what we have, while others don’t have anything and are not sure where to begin. For others the offers seem too good to pass up. Especially when it’s free money! Is it really free? How do you […]

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Rising Rates Are Not All Bad

It was exciting for borrowers when interest rates were low. They were able to buy more house or car than they would have been able to at higher interest rates. For some it meant that they could finally realize the dream of home ownership. It was also a good time for lenders. They made a […]

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No NSF Fees Does Not Change Much

Some banks cancelled or reduced Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees and many account holders are very happy about this change. Why would banks cancel such profitable fees? Did they get a change of heart and decide to help struggling checking account customers? Not exactly. Other banks with less overhead expenses are not charging NSF Fees, […]

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