Take As Directed For Your Success

Take As Directed For Your Success

Most of us will go to the doctor after suffering from  an illness for several weeks without getting better. First, we may have ignored it. Then we tried every over the counter medication and/or home remedy we could think of to no avail. At first, we did not think it was necessary to go to the doctor because this felt like something we have had before. After the third week or so and several sleepless nights, we made a doctor’s appointment and went in to see exactly what was going on. To our dismay, we discovered that we had an infection. To our delight, the doctor prescribed an antibiotic. After a couple of days of taking the medication, the infection cleared up and life got back to normal.

What would have happened if you did not follow the doctor’s directions for taking the prescription? That might sound like a ridiculous question considering the fact that you were looking for relief and could not do it yourself. However, that is exactly what happens sometimes when it comes to Financial Coaching. I have met with clients, drew up a plan, and gave them directions to follow to reach their desired goals. But they decided to do things their own way. They did not want to do it the way I told them to do it, because they did not think they would get the desired outcome. It did not sound right to them. Even though they way they had been doing things for years was not working!

There are two true and relevant sayings that come to mind when I think of people in these situations. “If you keep doing what you’re doing, then you will keep getting what you’re getting.” And “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” If you want change, then you should follow directions from the expert. True, there is more than one way to do something. However, if the way you have been doing it does not work, then you may want to follow the directions or instructions of someone who has been successful and doing what you want to do. Do you need help reaching your financial goals? Are you willing to follow directions? If so, go here for more information and contact me here for a complimentary consultation. If not, I wish you all the best.

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