Category: Taxes

Refund Jackpot

Tax refund season has been called several things including, Christmas in March and the poor peoples lottery, among other things. Remember, “poor” is not just related to the amount of your income but is also a mindset. Several people are used to getting tax refunds of over $5,000 every year and go on shopping sprees […]

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Patience = Savings

“Expect the unexpected to happen”. If you  read my blog regularly, then this is not the first time you have read this. Still, it is understandable but unfortunate that several people are not prepared for the unexpected. While there is another group of people who may be robbing Peter to pay Paul before and during […]

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What Do You Have To Lose?

The thought of tax season brings about many emotions for different people. Fear, excitement, dread, confusion, and anticipation to name a few. Some of these emotions come from whether or not an amount is going to be owed or refunded. While some of the emotions come from thinking about tax preparation. We have several options […]

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